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Deep Dive 4: The Reason of Reason (Rescheduled)

Exploring the origins of reason, logic, order and intelligibility in Reality

  • 12 June 2017
  • Author: Scott Cherry
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Event date: 11/15/2017 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Export event

  The naturalistic/materialistic worldview questions or denies the existence of God. The self-evident existence of reason, logic, and intelligibility are strong evidence for Intelligent Design, specifically the God of the Bible and the Christian worldview. Reason is an undeniable human faculty that defines humanness and points to a rational universe, which in turn points to the divine principle of reason, or the Logos spoken of in the gospel of John.  Further, reason only works because of corresponding and complementary things: logic, order, and intelligibility.  All of these overlap as aspects of language, and complement each other in ways akin to speaking and listening.  Mutual communication works because of reciprocity, which is also why intelligibility works.  This is the structure or Order which is best explained by appealing to the divine Mind who exists eternally in reciprocal communion within the Trinity.  It is Order personified. 
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